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  • Partners program
    In Witbooking we strongly believe in having a close relationship among complementary hotel technology providers in the ecommerce area, to give an optimal service to our customers.
    For this reason we look for partners in different tourist destinations all over the world, to offer our
    products together, and cross-prescribe our services. In this sense, we are thinking in web designers, revenue management agencies and / or digital marketing agencies, technology consultants, other hotel software providers …
    We define three different levels of partnership: Agent, Revenue management agency and Advisor.
  • Agents program
    This program is designed for those companies who, beyond prescribing Witbooking as a booking engine for their clients, have the experienced team to provide a full service to their customers, for the booking engine set-up, daily incidents, billing …
    In this formula, WitBooking does not have any direct dealings with the final customer (accommodation), giving support just to the partner (2nd Level) and issuing a single invoice to the partner for all its clients.
    Revenue management agency program
    This program is designed for revenue management agencies that use the Witbooking engine to manage the hotel’s website reservations.
    As said in the previous formula, WitBooking has no direct dealings with the end customers (hotels or apartments), giving support to the partner (2nd Level) and issuing a single invoice to the partner for all its customers.
    Advisor program
    This program is oriented for those companies / professionals that are going to be a key factor in the final customer’s decision to sign the Witbooking engine, but do not have the team to provide a full service to their customers or they simply prefer to focus on their main activity.
    In this case the advisors will provide the contact details of the potential clients and it will be the Witbooking agents the ones who will complete the commercial action and perform the client’s follow-up.
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