• Booking Engine
  • Summary
    Our Witbooker 9 booking engine is the result of 12 passionate years innovating on the direct booking experience. Thanks to a robust and reliable technology, an attractive design and a studied user experience we will convert your web traffic into bookings.
  • Dynamic revenue management
    Apply discounts and price variations according to stay, booking window, time zone and / or geographical area.
    Tokenized Charges PCI-DSS
    Verify the authenticity of credit cards, being able to charge them without risky handling of sensitive information. Protect your hotel from electronic fraud with the PCI-DSS certification.
    Allows you to customize your appearance, behavior, web integration and add third-party widgets.
    Combined rates
    Combine restricted rates and offer the best guaranteed price, avoiding OTA’s disparities.
  • Display
    Set up a personalized area within the booking engine to give more information about your property and reinforce the conversion: photos, description, map, availability, videos, 360 view, reviews…
    Unlimited promotions can be created, which can be activated according to length of stay / advance / specific days. Discounts may be per night, % or 4×3 format.
    Flexible pricing per day, per person, per room, per person / day or unit. They can be activated / protected by coupon codes.
    Special vacation packages (accommodation + extras) can be created with rates and availability linked to an specific type of accommodation.
  • User experience
    Continuous usability testing is done to guarantee any type of user is able to understand the system and perform bookings.
    Advanced tracking
    Allows monitoring users’ behavior by integrating web tracking tools.
    Tailor made reports
    Create advanced real time reports from the admin dashboard.
    Multiple reservation
    Your guests will be able to book several accommodations and / or packages in a single, seamless reservation process.
  • Smart inventory
    Optimize availability and price management by linking your different rate options in a simplified way.
    Responsive design
    Easily adapts to any devices, simplifying the reservation process and the browsing experience.
    Agent module
    Allows identifying the agent who performed the reservation, generating reports using the commercial information of the reservation.
    Pre/Post Stay Emails
    Send personalized emails to be sent automatically before and after your guest’s stay.
  • Pre-booking / Share cart
    Send your potential guests a link with one or more preconfigured bookings (with extras, special discount and / or a gift).
    Loyalty area
    Integration of the booking engine with the website’s loyalty area to provide previous
    reservations track to it and apply segmented and single-use promotional codes.
    Interactive calendar
    Provide your guests with an agile manner to query the availability and rates at the property and / or room level.
    Booking modification
    Once the reservation is confirmed, the user can modify dates, rooms and / or extras quickly and easily.