International network of experts

To achieve a quality online presence, a hotel needs the optimal technology as well as a local set of professionals to support it. Witbooking has partnered with the best companies and professionals in the hospitality industry (online marketing, revenue management, web design) around the globe to provide the best solutions.


Focusing in the service

Our applications cover the sales cycle of the hotel industry, this way our partners can focus on giving an excellent service.

Enhancing your job

Our apps have been designed together with professionals of the hotel industry with the following in mind:

  • Useable and reliable solutions.
  • Provide feedback on the actions taken (i.e. promotions).
  • No programming skills in its use.

Get new customers

When we receive a commercial request from a hotel we provide him the contact details of the closest / more adequate partner to grant the best solution is provided.

2 Collaboration programs

We share revenue with our partners in a fair and generous way, to do so we created 2 different programs:

  • Prescription:Recommended for those not willing to commit to any to the service involved, they will simply pass a lead to us and receive a fraction of the income.
  • Agents: For those willing to give the hotel a complete solution, blending technology and services to simplify the hoteliers’ life.

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