Demo Engine

Hotel resorts

In the case of the hotel resorts, the keys to optimal marketing are:

  • Proper management of pensions and occupations.
  • The sale of services and packages.
Hotel vacacional
Hotel urbano

Urban hotels

Urban hotels often feature:

  • The use of different conditions of sale (refundable, cancellable).
  • Sales of doubles or twins (individual beds).
  • Promotions protected by code (e.g., enter the code “AMIGOS”).
  • Corporate rates (e.g., enter the code “DANONE”).

Tourist apartments

In the case of tourist apartments, the complexity lies in:

  • Rates conditioned to the length of the stay (days, weeks, or months).
  • Limitations on the day of entry and/or exit (CTA/CTD).
  • Payment collection through a payment gateway (disabled in this demo).
  • The management of cleaning costs.


The hostel (or youth hostel) requires a solution that enables:

  • Booking of beds or rooms in different conditions.
  • The sale of extra services (e.g., bedsheets, towels, transportation tickets, breakfast).

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