Payment Options

Credit card as guarantee

The system allows the capture of a customer’s credit card so that, if necessary (e.g., “no shows” or late cancellations), the hotel establishment can charge accordingly from the physical POS.

transferencia bancaria

Bank transfer

With this method, you can receive bank transfers for reservations from a current account indicated by the guest.

Bank payment gateways

The booking engine allows you to connect to an online payment gateway to process your bank charges on the guest’s credit card automatically, without risk. Currently, the payment platforms we work with include CECA, Sermepa, and 4B.



You can enjoy our free integration with PayPal, the easiest way to receive online payments worldwide. The only drawback is the high cost (currently around 3%), which is why PayPal remains a marginal form of recovery in the hotel sector.

Tokenized anti-fraud payment

This charging method avoids internal fraud, information leaks, fake or unfunded cards, cyber-attacks, and abandonment caused by banking gateways (POS). Credit card data are filed directly in the payment gateway of our certified partner (PCI DSS LEVEL 3.1), preventing outside access. When the hotel wishes to charge a guest, whether automatically at the time of booking (e.g., non-refundable fees) or at a later time (e.g., “no-shows”), the system uses the token as an identifier of the archived card.


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