Booking engine

Responsive design

The application features an adaptable design for each device. This way, the experience is made appropriate for all circumstances.



Proven usability

The booking engine is tested every 6 months, in terms of usability, by different types of users (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) with the objective of identifying and eliminating system errors.

Fixed or variable cost

You choose!

WitBooking wants customers to feel comfortable with their contract type; therefore, we propose alternatives — at fixed cost, or variably conditioned by the reservations obtained through the booking engine.



Advanced traceability

The system allows you to insert the most common tracking codes (Google Analytics, Google Adwords) so as to determine traffic patterns and the volume of reservations.

Security and privacy

The system servers are protected by strict security protocols and respect the data privacy laws established by the European Union.


Performance and availability

The hosting of our solutions is by Amazon Web Services, the undisputed world leader ensuring the greatest availability and performance in the worldwide market.

Smart inventory

This allows you to create accommodation options with shared availability, as well as to employ formulas in the relation of rates, to streamline daily updates.



The system features integrations with the leading metasearchers (comparators ), channel managers, payment gateways, and social networks.

Support and free upgrades

The solutions offer free support to resolve all your queries and free upgrades.


Start receiving reservations