Advanced Functionality

Notice of non-availability

When the engine detects consultations around dates with no availability, a warning is sent to the administrator.


Crossed-out prices and last available units

This allows you to display crossed-out rates (without discounts), to enhance the suggestion of savings. You can also attract guests with ‘last unit available’ messages. Both measures increase the conversion rate.

Email and post-stay survey

Optionally, the hotelier can send a personalized message after the stay in which a quality survey can be included, to monitor the level of service within each of the establishment’s areas.


Agent module / call centre

The system identifies agents who have facilitated booking and generates reports. This feature is useful for controlling the activity of call centres and/or commercial agents or agencies that collaborate with the establishment.

Integrated within the website or sub-domain

The booking engine server can be located within your website using “iframe” technology. Alternatively, you can serve the booking engine from a personalized subdomain (e.g.,


Corporate rates

You can create special rates reserved for certain groups. In order for a group to take advantage of the special rate, they must introduce a password or click on a link generated by the panel control.

Dynamic pricing

This module allows the hotelier to vary rates on a percentage basis (+/-), depending on the country from which the query originates and/or by way of the weekly calendar.


Flash sales

With this tool, the hotelier can offer a private sale with a special rate for a few hours, to boost last-minute sales amongst particular groups of interest (e.g., Facebook or Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers).

Boost your direct bookings